Research Activities

Soeren Keil

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Territorial Autonomy and Conflict Resolution, Western Balkans, Secession, Democratization

Gagnon, A., S. Keil and S. Mueller 2015. Understanding Federalism and Federation. Routledge.

Keil, S. and B. Stahl. 2015. The Foreign Policies of Post-Yugoslav States. Palgrave.

Keil. S. and V. Perry. 2015. State-Building and Democratization in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Routledge.

Keil, S. 2013. Multinational Federalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ashgate.

25-29 July 2016: IPSA World Congress in Poznan, Poland

Paper: ‘Federalism and Conflict Resolution in Iraq’ (with Amina Mlili)

7-9 September 2016: UACES Annual Conference in London, UK

Papers: ‘Re-assessing democratisation in Bosnia – evidence from 20 years of post-war elections’ (with John Hulsey); ‘Integration despite contestation? Understanding Montenegro’s progress in EU integration’ (with Jelena Dzankic)

19 November 2015: Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Conference “Bosnia 20 years after Dayton”

Keynote Lecture on: “The Five Faces of Bosnia and Herzegovina”

18 December 2015: Maynooth University Ireland, Conference on “Bosnia 20 years after Dayton”

Presentation on “Bosnia and Herzegovina after the Sejdic-Finci judgement”

31 May 2016: French Institute for International Relations: The EU and the Western Balkans: New Perspectives on Integration, Paris, France

Invited contribution to expert round table with think tanks, academics and policy makers

2014-2016: Summer School on Federalism, Multinationalism and the Future of Europe. Contributions from CIFE €15,000.

01/2016: UACES Collaborative Research Network on “Europe and the Everyday” (together with Dr Simon Guerra, University of Leicester and Dr Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik) £5,000 (awarded) (Co-Principal Investigator)

10/2014: £5,000 from Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Bosnia and Herzegovina to organise a research workshop in Sarajevo, Bosnia (Co-Principal Investigator)

06/2014: €5.500 from Thyssen Foundation for Research Workshop on “The Foreign Policies of the Post-Yugoslav States” together with Bernhard Stahl, University of Passau (Co-Principal Investigator)


Advisor to the Peace Process in Myanmar/Burma, with special focus on the federal debate (for Hanns Seidel Stiftung)

Advisor for Peace Process in Syria with special focus on autonomy for Kurdish Region (for European Centre for Kurdish Studies)


Advisor for Constitutional Reform in Bosnia (for Public International Law and Policy Group)

Advisor for UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (on Western Balkans affairs)

Advisor for German Ministry of Economic Cooperation (on Western Balkans affairs)

Advisor for different EU institutions (on Western Balkans affairs)

Funding Bids: Evaluated funding bids for major funders in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the European Union and Croatia

Regular Commentator in European press on Western Balkan issues

Paul Anderson

InterestsPublicationsConference participationFunding
Constitutional politics; Federalism; Nationalism; Secession; British and Scottish Politics

Keil, S. and P. Anderson. 2017 (forthcoming). ‘Decentralization as a Tool of Conflict Resolution’ in K. Detterbeck and E. Hepburn, Handbook of Territorial Politics. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Anderson, P and S. Keil 2017. ‘‘Minority Nationalism and the European Union’, L’Europe en Formation, no. 379, Spring 2016, pp. 40-57.

Anderson, Paul. 2016. ‘The 2016 Scottish Parliament Elections: A Nationalist Minority, A Conservative Comeback and a Labour Collapse’, Regional and Federal Studies, 26: 4, pp. 555-568.

IPSA Joint Conference RC14, RC28 AND RC13 ‘Democratisation and Constitutional Design in Divided Societies’, Nicosia, Cyprus (June 2017)

Paper: ‘”Too Little, Too Late?” Brexit and the Constitutional Future of Scotland and the United Kingdom’.

GPRS Conference: ‘Constitutional Politics in Multinational States’, Quebec, Canada (October 2016).

Paper: ‘Bosnia and Herzegovina: Constitutional Politics in a “State of Minorities”’ (with Soeren Keil).

IPSA World Congress, Poznan, Poland. (July 2016).

Paper: ‘Could Federalism Save the Union?: Territorial Autonomy and Secession in the United Kingdom’

UACES Workshop: ‘Transforming Politics in Spain: Local, Regional and State-wide perspectives’, University of Liverpool (June 2016)

Paper: ‘Between Autonomy and Secession: Catalonia, Spain and Territorial Reform’.

January 2017: James Madison Trust and UACES Fieldwork Scholarship: £1500

October 2015 – October 2018: Canterbury Christ Church University Graduate School Scholarship.

Simon Bransden

InterestsPublicationsConference participationFunding
Federal Theory, Crisis, Political Representation, Territorial Politics, UK & EU Politics
Keil, S., and Bransden, S.M., (2015) ‘The European Union as a Federal Project’ in: Gagnon, Alain, Keil, Soeren and Mueller, Sean (Eds.): Understanding Federalism and Federation Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate.

IPSA Joint Conference RC14, RC28 AND RC13 ‘Democratisation and Constitutional Design in Divided Societies’, Nicosia, Cyprus (June 2017)

Paper: ‘Process, Dynamics and Instrumentalites in in the UK/EU Brexit Crisis after May 2015’

IPSA World Congress, Poznan, Poland (July 2016)

Paper: ‘Current discourses on the EU as a new federal system in the post-Cold War era’

IPSA RC14/28 Joint Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland (September 2015)

Paper: ‘Rethinking borders: the UK’s attempts to re-articulate her concept of territorial integrity in the Post-Lisbon EU’

ECPR PGRA Conference, Innsbruck, Austria, (July 2014)

Paper: ‘Federalism, Sovereignty and EU-UK Relationships’

October 2012-September 2015: Canterbury Christ Church University Graduate School Full Scholarship.

August 2013: Institute of Federalism, Fribourg, Switzerland, tuition fee payment and bursary for Summer University on Federalism.

Francesco Violi

PublicationsConference participationFunding

‘The Italian constitutional referendum: What happened, what happens next’. Blog Post on Canterbury Christ Church Politic’s Blog.

‘The outcome of the UK elections: towards a federal UK?;’ The New Federalist, 15th May 2015

‘Il no all’indipendenza scozzese: l’inizio di una rivoluzione britannica?’ Alternativa Europea n. 39 anno 2014

IPSA world congress 2016, Poznan, Poland.

Paper: ‘Building a New Federal Political System – Reassessing Developments in the Eurozone’

Jean Monnet CEFEUS studentship